Saturday, March 01, 2014

Workplace Stories (11): Field of Vision

The amount of work has been decreased significantly since last Dec. and as I explained earlier we're all waiting for a blow to sweep us off all. It's hasn't happened yet but it might happen soon. That's what we're hoping. It becomes really boring at times and I'm in the same state that I was when I started there originally especially yesterday that I had skated the night before and had a little cold so what I did all day long was yawning, sneezing and also gluing my eyes to the screen!
Then I said let's see what a human's field of vision is because from where I'm sitting I need to check at time the two assholes that might step in the office and it will ugly if they find me reading something unrelated to work. That's something I do at times. 
So looking at the above sketch my position in the office is the one on the very left with a dickhead on my right and two assholes across from the narrow corridor. The one on the right is who checks less often but I have to watch more carefully. I know the sketch doesn't seem good but the big rectangles are the desks and the little ones at one corner are the monitors. The big arrows pointing at the screens show how everybody sits so as you can see I am not able to see what the one on my right in the office is up to unless I turn my head. So does he not because we are both out of our own horizontal field of vision. 
In the meantime paying attention to the fact that the normal human beings horizontal field of vision is anything between 94̊ and 104̊, I am able to see the Mumbling Guy and he has the same privilege too because a window is between out offices and the narrow corridor while I'm not able to see the Screamer when I'm at my normal sitting position because a wall is blocking my view. Same for him as well. The curved arrows are the direction of people when they leave their offices and the doors are depicted as a normal property drawing. After people enter the corridor they either go straight or turn right where they pass a glass wall and a all-the-day-locked door. That means that danger is away because they will not come back soon. That leads to the main entrance to the level. At times they go to the other offices on the level but turning right and appearing at the glass wall means that the relief is even bigger than when they just simply enter the corridor. 
In order to extent my vision possibilities when I see any of the hostile forces leaving their offices, I normally turn my eyes all the way to the right and keep receiving light from the moving objects. That allows me to keeps watching with a little twist to the right, all the way to the safe glass wall and locked door. However I can not keep my eyes in that position for a significant amount of time because it's very uncomfortable. But honestly it's not that bad. These idiots are not watching or that assholes is not spying on me but here and there they show themselves and throw a bullshit at me just to say they exist and are in the superior position in the company compare to me, especially the Screamer. I wish I had a better job in which I didn't have to deal with this scums and waste most of my time but hasn't happen yet and I'm stuck. We'll see if any progress occurs.
(Photo: Handmade, using MS Word(!), sketch of part of our office floor and position of different parties)

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