Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quebec and Crimea

Two subjects have been the world's topic in the past three weeks: Crimea peninsula in Ukraine and Province of Quebec. Russia said that it was concerned about the welfare of the Russian majority in that southern part of Ukraine and deployed troops. Then there was an election for which the West condemned it and claimed it had been done under the Russian's pressure. Crimea eventually got separated from Ukraine and Russia immediately gave sovereignty to it.
Here in home the Quebec separatist showed concern about the so-called non-Quebec people, mostly the student and said the future of Quebec should not be determined by these people. There is no doubt that Bloc Quebec is an extremist party, in my opinion. Their behavior has shown that since the new leader has been selected. For example a few months ago the Government of that province had this plan to ban the people from wearing religious symbols while they are at work, such as health professionals. Something we know that's impossible to do for example to ask Sikhs to take their turban off or Muslims no to wear head scarf or Jews not to wear their little cap because in this country they have always been told that they were free to practice the religion of their own, not that I'm a religious person or like any religion but you can not shut them down over night! It's just not going to happen. So some people compared the election in Quebec with Crimea. They said Why is the election is Quebec is considered free and democratic bu the one in Crimea is not!? I have no sympathy for the Russians and I know how decisively they took part of my old country through two contracts years ago but I do not agree with the West. Everything that they don't like is either against the human rights or against democracy. They try to convert all of the countries of the world to the allies of themselves and make them consumers of their products! 
Crimea is gone and now the West is threatening Russia with sanctions and here in home I guess people are waiting to see what will happen to Quebec. In my opinion Canada has started with Quebec and Quebec must stay as part of Canada. I was having a little chat with a guy from work. He is from Quebec which is against separation and believes it will not happen. He says the Government keeps this promise as a means to show to the people how it cares about them to get their vote. He also told me one interesting story of his trip to France. He said he had really difficulty to communicate when he was there although it is believed they both speak French! But apparently it's different! 
(Photo: Russia has its Crimea Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol port. It had been leased from Ukraine but now I don't know who gets paid for that!)

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