Monday, March 10, 2014

Old Stuff

I bought my TV in 2003 it was, I guess. I somehow ended up in the a & b Sound in Downtown where the old Bank of Montreal building is located and got a installment deal. I don't remember but I guess it was through a Citi Mastercard that I kept until 2011 or 2012 when Cit transferred all of the accounts to CIBC
As I said I don't remember much about the deal but I guess a brand new 20" SONY Trinitron in those years cost me a bit more than $450 which I paid in 2 or three installments. I remember the night that I was picking up the television I had rented a car and the guys told me to get it from the back door in the alley. So I went there and I saw a television set on the street, without a box or anything! A fucking nasty Black guy was there or I guess I approach him inside and told him that I wanted a new set in a box with everything and he showed surprise and asked if that was I wanted! I don't know to this date what sort of fucking game that was because I never have seen something like that after this experience but I guess that was probably a demo one that he wanted to sell to me so he could take the new one with the price of demo. That's the only explanation. Anyways I managed to get a boxed new one and left. I have been using that TV to this date and have seen several of the kind, even bigger many times beside the streets! No one will ever pay for something like this. In late 2010 once I had an advertisement for it in a public website and I had a very low price. I didn't even get one answer! I didn't know at the time that tube TVs were almost extinct! 
I liked both a & b Sound and my Citi Mastercard. None of them exist today. a & b Sound had three locations in Calgary, at least to my knowledge that I had been to all three and bought amazing stuff, movies that I have them all to this date. The company went out of business in 2006 or so while it was always busy whenever I visited a branch. I've already told the story of Citi Mastercard
I have no intention to purchase a new TV yet. With the job market fucked up and us on the brink of being kicked out, I don't think it's a wise idea to spend a few hundred dollars on a new TV. My monitor provides high definition picture and that's enough for now. 
(Photo: My old SONY television set. We got the TV stand from an old lady next to us when we used to live in White Rock. We got a few other things from the poor lady including a bed. This TV stand and a one drawer chest are the only things left!)

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