Monday, March 03, 2014

Prisoners of the Cold War

It has been extremely cold in the past three days that I could barely go out. I tried to start the engine of the car in the morning of Sat. and for the first time I realizes it had difficulty to run! The temperature has plunged to below -30 º C with windchill at times even close to -40 º C in Calgary and around. It's impossible to walk without proper clothing and actually it's dangerous. I didn't go anywhere on Sat. but on Sun. I walked from 10th Ave. to 8th Ave. and walked toward north and it was unbearable even when I was going back, because of the wind. 
The streets were empty. So were the shopping center. Maybe people don't dare even driving or taking the public transit. They are all the prisoners of this war that we are having with the cold. This is the coldest winter that I've ever experience since 2001. However there are people here who have lived longer an claimed that had seen worse winter. I guess they might have changed their statement after last Fri.! 
The weather will likely remain the same until next Fri. and will increase a bit after that. It might not be as bad as the real Cold War that took the word to the brink of nuclear war a few times but it could be fatal.
(Picture: I took this picture on Memorial Dr. in Calgary at around 07:50 PM. It took me only around 1 minute but I could not feel my left hand's finger after that. I think this was the temperature without considering the windchill)

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