Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cosco: A Complete Waste of Time

I had been to Cosco in British Columbia a few times but never to an Alberta location until yesterday. Never had membership even back to the British Columbia days and always accompanied someone. After seeing it once I realized what stinking dump it was but The Lady wanted to get something so she borrowed her friend's card and we went there. I guess it had been probably 6 years since the last time I was in a Cosco. The place was packed and even more crowded than my previous experiences. We had to park at the end of the lot. No biggy though, we were let in because the cards are not compared to the holders. Who cares if it's me or my buddy going to the store as long as someone had paid the damn membership fee?!
The store starts with some electronic stuff such as cameras and laptop but seriously who the idiot buys a camera from a whole seller unless he is super knowledgeable about them!? There's no one to answer your questions if you have any. Some of the staff don't even speak English
The customers, as far as I saw are populated families and the ones who specially stuff every sort of garbage down their throats! Chips, Crackers, Hot Dogs, Doughnuts, all sorts of chemically affected trash. Besides that what hobby is better for a poor family with multiple kids on a weekend? They go the place and feed themselves on the sample foods which are always available for free. Get their chow of a months or so off the shelves of the items which was pointed at briefly above and at the end if they are still happen what is better than a $1.5 Hot Dog with a tower of Soda!? At the end they all go home happily and rest the few hours of the day, let the chemicals react in their system! 
Price of most of the items are same as a regular supermarket. That's why I really don't see why someone should go there. The only thing we saw a bit cheaper was a big bag of bread and since we could freeze them we bought it. Everything else and when I say everything, I mean everything, is absolutely the same! Our total purchase was not more than $70, I guess and I truly believe it wasn't worth the drive and time spent there. We wanted to check a small washer but we realized it was not available and probably could only be purchased online. The only thing worth checking. The line was not so bad for someone like me who hates staying in the lines. I guess it didn't take more than 5 minutes. There are two people at every till which speeds the process up. Generally Cosco is not recommended unless you have a restaurant or a big family but similar to many other things in North America their existence is questionable! I don't think I ever go there even someone lends his or her card to me! 
(Photo: Everything is provided in big packages and of course extended shelf-life but seriously who needs a big bottle of Cold-Fx as big as the one in this picture even if he or she regularly is sick?! I have never used one! Just as an example)

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