Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Firearms Safety Course (Non-Restricted)

The job market is so bad these days that even Security Guards and Painters are having a tough time getting hours. I heard that from them in this short course I took: Firearms Safety Course (Non-restricted). I hating hunting. There's not many animals left on the plant. They killed them all. The majority left are the one which they rise for food. I did this job mainly for my application with CBSA, if I ever given the chance. This is a good course particularly for someone such as me who knows nothing about firearms and had never touched one until attending this course. I even didn't know what Non-restricted mean! Now I know there are three main classifications for firearms in Canada:
  • Non-restricted.
  • Restricted
  • Prohibited
Non-restricted is the firearm that you can own, if you pass this course. Restricted is the one that law enforcement people use. Prohibited is the one that as the name suggests is prohibited to have in possession. I think only members of the Forces can use them.
The class was consisted of different people with different backgrounds, mainly Caucasians, mostly with dirty and smudged cloths, slippers, wired haircuts and big bellies! It is obvious that these people have been dealing with firearms for years and got caught a few times and now they decided to get the licence and save their asses of more trouble. Many of them knew most of the things presented in the class. There was disgusting, pot-bellied, ugly woman with her two sons. This creature was probably the nastiest that I had ever seen in any course, even worse than a cockroach! Aggressive, load, rude and I don't judge people based on how they look or dress but disgusting in appearance as well, talking nonsense all the time! 
Others were including an Oriental woman, probably a Chinese, an Indian guy with gelled hair(!) an Italian, a Black guy and a few more. Our instructor, a former CPS officer and a pot-bellied as well was not bad but there were many sections of the book that he said it was not important and then I saw a question from it! Usually courses which take 1 day to a week are useless and the student needs to study. This one is a 2-day course and the cost is by donation only! So you can imagine what the result would be! Obviously these people offer this course with the hope that people come later and use other programs of them, which is not bad but not for me. I was there for something else as I mentioned earlier. 
The exam is at the end of the second day, of course. We sat for an hour for the second part of the course and after that the True/False and Multiple-choice questions, 50 of them were provided. I didn't do well and I thought for a minute that there would even be a chance for me to fail because I had not studied very well but I passed. Then the people were called to separate rooms and the practical exam was held which was not bad actually. You need to be confident and know all these stuff to be able to use firearms safely. I had a few issues, particularly with the shotgun shells but I passed this one as well. Now that I will be soon doing the Restricted course, I know what I should do: Read the damn book from A to Z and master it because unlike they say anything could be a question. They do not prepare the questions. The RCMP does. So you don't want to listen to them on this particular part.
(Photo: A lever action firearm. Now after years of watching Western and War movies I finally know what some of the moves that actors do mean! Photo courtesy of Grizzly custom guns)

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