Friday, September 23, 2016

The CAF Medical Examination

I was medically examined by two CAF officers shortly after the interview, probably less than 2 hours but that's not a routine. It all depends on their schedule. The examination is pretty straightforward and easy. It doesn't take long either. The only important part was that I have Gout and I had to indicate that in my form and I did. For that they gave me a from to give it to a physician. He or she is required to provide information and his professional opinion on that. I, too, was given another form which requires the applicant to undergo three lab tests. This is for people the age of 40! So I guess whoever wanted always to know how old I am, got his or her answer!
I went to a nearby clinic the same afternoon and was visited by a physician. Then the next morning I went to a nearby laboratory and got the tests done. The who process cost me $140
The result was available the next day and the physician filled out both of the forms. I then made a copy of each and gave the originals to the CAF office. 
Now all I have to do is to make myself ready for the Basic Officer Training Qualification, which is a tough one and then wait for them to contact me to go to Quebec. I hope they find me qualified enough and worthy of enrollment.
(Photo: I selected this cartoon just to have something illustrated for the post. It does not resemble my health situation or anything!) 

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