Monday, September 12, 2016

Admitting the Mistake

All these nonsense that these Oil Sands companies were saying for years when they were being blamed for destroying the nature in northern Alberta, such as, we turn the forest back to what it was, we reclaim the nature,etc., now it is proved that was truly nothing but words that were coming from their behind! Now they admit that they cannot reclaim the nature and if it ever happens, it may take centuries! 
Yes! These idiots fucked up everything and here's the timeline:

1- Destroyed the nature, all the trees, wetlands, lakes, ponds, wildlife habitat, wildlife, everything to extract bitumen and turn it to synthetic oil.  
2- They started their projects and earned billions, probably, but invested millions too!
3- They attracted many to this part of the world from every corner of the world. All poor and hungry, some didn't even have running water, electricity and enough food in their homes. 
4- Those people based their lives on such a fake investment. Bought houses, got married, had children.
5- All of a sudden: Boom! Just like a balloon that you poke it with a needle everything disappeared! The price of oil went down! Now what's left is:
a- The product that there's no market for that because the cost of production is too high! 
b- Equipment which there's no use for them. 
c- People who have no jobs and must resort to food bank to feed themselves and their family.
d- The product which there's no way to transfer that to markets or processing plants (refineries) because none of the disputed pipelines can be built. East, West and South, everywhere they turn they see a big Wrong Way sign in front of them!
e- Houses and condos which there's no customer for! Millions of square feet is left empty and attract dust and bugs all around Alberta and other provinces!
But who is to blame for this mess here? This is the game that these people are very good at. They start it and at the end there's no winner but the losers are clearly known: The people who have lost almost everything as the result of the job loss and the nature which will never be the same. 
(Photo: A worker is walking on a catwalk on a Syncrude leased land in northern Alberta. The smoke is seen on the right side of the picture from the facilities. They have destroyed everything. Photo courtesy of CBC)

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