Monday, September 05, 2016

LPI Test Tips

I wrote LPI test last Sat. I have no idea how the result would turn out. It's a very tricky test but I'm not hopeless either. The story might be amusing to some. So I bring it here, as well as a few tips which might be helpful for the ones who are planning to write it soon:
I registered to write the test in UBC on a Sat. morning. I suggest if you're not familiar with UBC, to go there the day before and get yourself familiar with the area because it's a huge place with similar roads and very limited parking. Parking is less expensive on weekends but I paid $8 for the time I parked there for the test which was from 08:00 to 12:00. If you were a student, it'd be different but parking workout to be more convenient and cheaper than bus and taxi on weekends. It costs you $5 to get to and from UBC using public transportation while by paying 3 extra dollar you have the convenience of using your car and walking to the test building for 10 minutes only. Taxi should work out up to $60 and that's from North Vancouver were I was staying. 
They say you need to be there half an hour before the exam starts. I was way earlier than that because I was not sure I would be able to get myself there on time and certainly didn't want to miss the test. So I went there when it was at least 1 hour left to the exam. 
A number of young boys and girls, all in their early 20's run the test and I thought there were a little too strict! One of them had positioned her inside the test room and would give directions to every single person as where he or she has to sit! Then a couple of Oriental guys said that they needed to use the restroom but she didn't let them leave the room! It reminded me of those old days in school in the old country where most of teachers were brutal! 
Then they read a few very straightforward instructions and eventually the test was started with 8 minutes delay! The test, as every one knows, comprises of four parts:

1- Multiple Test sections 1.
2- Multiple Test section 2.
3- Summarizing. 
4- Essay.

I, of course, answer them all with not much challenge and then at the end when I had a few minutes left, just like NPP Exam., I did a quick review and was able to make a few corrections, leave the room and get to my vehicle before the parking expires! 
If you're writing the exam in UBC make sure you're planning to stay there for at least the rest of the day to see around because there are so many things to see and as well there must be amazing views of Pacific Ocean, Burrard Inlet and everywhere around. I didn't have that chance! And all of that would be enjoyable in a sunny day!
(Photo: Commercial vessels anchored in Burrard Inlet seem. This of course is not taken from UBC but it's not very bad. I'm sure UBC gives better views and I think I might get a chance to try that one when things get better)

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