Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My CAF Interview

I was interviewed by a CAF officer finally after almost a year when I first start my application! The last time I had an application with them it took me nearly 5 years to be invited to the interview! I turned that down because I though the bastards who had hired me, would keep me for a long time. Now I'm out of work for over 11 months!
The interview was easier that I had expected. I had thought that would be a panel interview, officers sitting around, watching me carefully and asking tough questions! It was only one gentleman and the questions were not that tough! Maybe because I have participated in so many interviews and passed many. There were forms to be signed and initialed and I did. At the end I was told I passed but that's just the beginning of the challenge! 
First of all there's no opening for the position until 2017! There is demand for the job but the number is limited and of course there are other applicants. All the people who are interviewed will be scored and of course the one with the highest score is enrolled. 
Secondly there's Basic Officer Training Qualification which is held within a few days after enrollment. This is a really tough one which if the person cannot pass it (imagine how embarrassing it would be!), he or she would be sent for training for up to 90 days. At the end of the period if he cannot pass it again, he or she will be given a ticket home! I don't think it's very tough but it's not easy either. 
If the prospective officer passes the BOTQ, then a contract for 8 years will be signed. I guess if I have a chance, I have to improve it by going back to my weightlifting exercises as there will be a lot for enrollment!
(Photo: Canadian soldiers training their Ukrainian partners. This is not the job that I have applied for. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Ukrainians can be easily distinguished by their Kalashnikov. Photo courtesy of CAF Twitter. I guess Canada's interest in Ukrain goes back to the years of Soviet Union when many of them left the country and came to Canada, I don't know legally or illegally. Not that there's much difference! Wayne Gretzky is originally Ukrainian but I'm sure he's never been there and non of his kids has any interest in that country. They are probably down in the US or somewhere in Ontario! Again, not that there's anything wrong with that!)  

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