Monday, September 26, 2016

Trudeau Stomps on Canadian Values

When it comes to money no one ever prioritize anything over that. These fucking liars who always carry a flag of democracy, human rights and bullshits like that, when see an opportunity to make money, forget about all of them. 
The previous government led by Harper shut down the fucking embassy of the Islamic Murderers Republic of Iran (IMRI) in Sep. 2012 (four great years has passed) now this disgusting, phony government led by Trudeau attempts to reopen the embassy because they see themselves in shit and are trying to sell stuff to Iran to make a few million bucks!  
Another example is the recent trip of Trudeau to China to beg their Premier to let Canola Oil  in. In exchange Canada has to extradite the Chinese who fled the country and made of a story of oppression or similar to use cheques and other facilities that the government provides to these bastards! I guess Trudeau has reached a deal on that. 
One interesting question was asked from the moron foreign minister of the current government, Dion. This idiot barely speaks English and a few years ago was running against Harper. I remember a reporter asked him a question and he didn't even understood it! He's a joke! This time he was asked whether Canada has seen any willingness from their Iranian counterpart to restart relationship. He provided a bullshit answer and added that there are issues with Iran that they consider seriously, such as human rights and bullshits like that! The reporter came back with: Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest human rights violators in the world. Why hasn't Canada never showed concern about that?! The moron obviously provided another nonsense answer with his silly accent!
(Photo: This is what we've seen from Trudeau so far! Photographing himself with others! In this cartoon which I'm bringing here with the permission of its artist, he or she depicts how the big beast of deficit is in all of the photos and he ignores that!)

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