Sunday, September 18, 2016

Knocked Down LPI Examination

I received the result of LPI examination yesterday. I came a little late from The Chef's place and realized I had an e-mail from them. This is unofficial result. The official result would be sent to the related organizations that I listed them at the time of registration. They no longer require that as they both kicked me in the balls but this shows that I am good at everything they wanted me to be: I'm physically fit and that's why I passed the related test easily, I passed the interview, I got LPI 5 while they only need LPI 4 and I'm quite sure that I would not have had any issue with other requirements and qualification, had I been given the chance. It's OK. Fuck it, I'd say! That was not an easy job and the only reason I decided to do that was this long-term unemployment and lack of enough jobs in the society. After all I've been writing, reading and listening to this language. I bet I would have gotten LPI 6, had I studied a little harder and was not tired before the exam as a result of lack of enough sleep after 12 hours drive!
(Photo: This table show what each level of LPI or Language Proficiency Index mean. Mine is highlighted in yellow)

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