Friday, September 09, 2016

Second Attempts Failed

I received an e-mail from the same organization that I had a job application in May and reapplied in Aug, only for a different location, yesterday: A regret letter. Yes! The motherfuckers kicked me in the balls again! The funny thing is the asshole who checked my references this time (as the problem was a reference in the past application) met with me and told me all about how successful I would be on the job, how the training would be held, what benefits I would have and shit like this! I was supposed to attend the second interview in the last week of September but now it is Zip! 
I got upset because this motherfucker said all the bullshit and I had to go there 2 times, once for the fucking interview which I passed and the second time for LPI test which I'm still waiting for its result. At least I hope I pass that test so those bastards know that I am good at everything. Another funny thing is I went to the library yesterday and I was told two of the LPI books that I had put on holds were available! I wanted to study in case I don't get the index of 4 but I guess there would be no need for that unless I find that there are other jobs out there which require this as well. 
This is not the end of the world but I'm pissed at the motherfucker who fucked me and I assume its the same dumb ass motherfucker who did this to me the first time. 
I still have one interview in the last days of this month. I'm going to focus on that and at the same time I start job searching!

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