Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cornus Mas

The Lady brought me some Cornus Mas when I met here a few weeks ago. I never was a fan of this fruit as it's quite common in the country. It's not sold in fruit shops and supermarkets. It's sold by peddlers and they are not really sanitary! This is mostly consumed as a snack and is common within teenage and school girls, as far as I can remember. I remember seeing it on the street. Never bought and never was bought by my parents! Snacks are consumed differently in the old country. My family was always a sweet tooth! The Lady's sour, tangy and spicy hot. When she brought the little plastic bag of that, it didn't even help to recall when it was the last time that I had tried! 
She said that she and a friend picked them up in the bushes in Vancouver! Interesting because when I read about that I realized that is a plant native to western Asia and parts of eastern Europe. There was no mention of western Canada! So how this plant ended up in there, I have no idea. I tried them and they were good. The Lady had added some salt. The sour and salt mix and make a nice flavour. 
(Photo: Unfortunately I have no better photo of this fruit. This is what The Lady game me and after a few days in the trunk of vehicle and then in the refrigerator doesn't look very good but still tastes great. She said that they can not be kept fresh for a long time)

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