Saturday, October 28, 2006

Trevor Berbick: Another Example

Canada has had problems with Black immigrants since they started coming to this part of the world! They always dishonor the country but what can you do? They do have benefits too. The thing is their disadvantages are much bigger than their advantages but Canadians don’t see that, like many other obvious facts they ignore.
What can you do with them? You can’t turn a donkey to a horse! They are all like this. Look at them: Michael Jackson, a two-time child molester accused who ran away from the States and hiding somewhere in Europe! Mike Tyson, who was convicted of rape, spent a few years behind the bars, converted to Islam (This is really hilarious. Actually this is very good because that's exactly what Islam is, where outlaws hide themselves behind of the mask of the most violent faith in the world. The faith which its believers and followers burn the embassies and climb up the walls for cartoons!) and now is begging for money by touring the US and performing boxing exhibition. Ben Johnson who was convicted of doping in 1988 Olympics games and his medal was taken away from him. Whitney Houston, who's addicted to drugs and has been out of music and cinema business for years and many more. It’s really funny that the mentioned people are the famous and rich ones of the big Black community of North America. What do you think the ordinary people of them do? Gambling, drug dealership and abusing, theft, shoplifting, B & E, rape, prostitution and all the other illegal actions are their main business.
And now we have a victim, a former heavy weigh champion, originally from Jamaica: Trevor Berbick. I never forget his two-round fight with Mike Tyson which I have in my boxing collection. Tyson beat the shit of him in those two rounds. He was once knocked down in the first round and then in the second, he received a devastating left from Tyson among many others which send him to the ground. He attempted to get up twice but couldn’t and was counted out. Berbick’s body was found today morning in Kingston where he is originally from. He pronounced dead at the scene. The poor guy was only 52. Berbick gained his reputation by defeating freaky Mohammad Ali in 1981 and gaining the world championship which was very short. He was once convicted of assault and then rape which led to his arrestment, spending time in jail and deportation to Jamaica in 2002! They are all like this, big body, small brain!
(Photo: Berbick goes down after receiving a fatal left from Tyson in Nov.22.86, 20 years ago in Las Vegas, Nevada)

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