Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Piece of Cake or a Headache?

I’ve got my passport and it’s quite a story. Seems like no part of my life would be ordinary! Here it is:
I filled out the application form online and then went to the passport office to deliver it. I entered the room, told the old man over there needed to hand in my documents; he took a look, confirmed, and gave me a number and boom! That was me whom was called! I gave the lady the documents and the whole process didn’t take more than 10 min.! I was told that it usually takes 10 working days to have the passport at the address.
Then last Fri. (13th. What a day!) when I got home I saw a delivery notice. That was strange becuase I wasn’t expecting anything. Also the notice was hung at the door nob. I was so suspicious! I thought, then, that’s a letter from Passport Canada saying that I have to find another reference. That’s because I and D. H. who’s one of my references, had a kind of silent verbal fight and I thought when he received the call from the passport office he denied that he knew me for a quite long time and that ruined everything.
Then I thought, my goodness!, that’s the cops who are looking for me! As I’m a troublemaker, I made a disturbance in the same postal outlet that sent me the notice! So I thought I must have been caught on camera and somehow they’ve found out who I am and now they are after me! But that doesn’t even make a sense. If they knew me, why would they do such a stupid thing? They could simply come and arrest me! Nevertheless I didn’t do anything serious. I was a little upset over the clerks who were working like a snail and a fucking stupid short Filipino bitch who slid in the line.
Anyhow I called the fucking outlet and every time I called I was told I got nothing! Then they gave me a number and I called Canada Post and I was told that I should've gone there. " Go there. The letter is in the back” The lady said.
I was about to forgot that and said to me: "If this is something important, they will contact me again." And let it go until last Fri. I was goin’ to buy a bottle of shampoo and thought it’s better to take the notice and give it a try. Surprisingly there was a small parcel-like letter for me. I opened it in the parking lot while was walking to my car. That was the passport! It took only 9 days altogether to have the passport at my address but because of those stupid morons in the outlet, and who I am, I almost missed it! Now it’s the time for an exotic trip!

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