Monday, October 16, 2006

Man of the Year: Not Even A Comedy!

I'm completely disappointed with Robin Williams. I haven't been to a theatre for a long time and last week I received four discounted movie tickets from the company. So I decided to catch a movie and I didn't know which one is good. So I said: Let's go watch Man of the Year, the latest comedy of RV's actor. What was the result then? Same crap, even worse! There was a few scene that the movie turned to a drama and I've never seen a comedy like that before!
I'm telling you don't waste your money and 01:55 of your day. It's not worth it. The movie is so boring that I was gonna leave but forced myself to stay. Even Canadians who laugh at almost everything which barely brings a smile to my face were mostly silent. A comedian runs for the US Presidency and wins but is informed by a computer company's employee that there was a malfunction and he didn't win. The company which provides the voting systems and faces bankruptcy tries to stop the woman but fails. The elected president goes to a press conference, reveals and gives up. That's the whole story which you have to deal with for 01:55! The only funny parts of the movies are when Williams talks in his show, in the debate or to his team and that rarely happens to make you laugh.
Fortunately I have three more tickets and will use them wisely. And also ... will try to stay from Robin Williams and his stupid, boring movies.

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