Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The War Tapes

The War Tapes is a documentary in war in Iraq, taken by three American soldiers using amateur cameras last year and has been released recently. I watched that last weekend. A documentary, esp. one from a very violent war is not easy to make. How do you expect the soldier to do the filming while being under fire from every different corner? So what’s the solution? The soldiers shouldn’t be doing the filming! That’s why I didn’t find it very interesting but it worth watching once.
I always wanted to know what makes an American to go to Iraq regardless of the fact that I’m appreciated and elated. And I think I find the answer finally but only partially. One of them said: When New York was hit, I felt my home got hit and then I was ready to go and now I’m here! The other one was a fucking stupid animal Lebanese, an Arab obviously, he had migrated with is family to the US when he was 10. He was obviously there ‘cause he couldn’t do anything else. What do you expect from an animal Arab? The motherfucker said: Operation Iranian freedom is hopefully the next! I just say to that piece of crap: Israel gave you a good lesson, you useless scum. Every fucking Arab should be killed no matter what age or gender that creature is.
Anyhow there’re some other good things to learn in addition to what I brought up. One is that a Hammer's window glass is about 4” thick and bullets and mortars are very unlikely to go through. I admire Americans for many of their products. Other than that as it’s a documentary, the Americans couldn’t be the big fabricator they are always! That’s all truth. It’s not similar to Black Hawk Down. It was on Citytv last night and I watched that partially. My Goodness! That looked like a comedy not a war movie to me at times! Two American squads with the support of a few choppers defeat a whole city in Somalia! That’s actually based on a true story but the only part that is right is Americans being kicked out of that African country! The movie reminded me of one of the Oriana Fallaci’s interviews in her book about Vietnam War, which is one of my all-time favorites, Nothing and So Be It. (Oh! I just learnt that Fallaci is dead that was just a few days ago: Sep.15)
In the book Fallaci interviews a Vietcong or a North Vietnamese captive in a prison in Saigon (Today Ho Chi Minh City) The guy tells her about his young hood, when he used to go to theaters to watch movies. He says: I used to watch war movies. The war between Americans and Japanese and Americans always defeated Japanese! Behind Enemy Lines is another war movie that I like a little because it has good cinematography but the end of it is so ridicules! Saving Private Ryan is probably the one in many which shows a little truth. I'm tired of wars and movies both!


KpoT said...

The guy who said that is my hero!
Fuck arabs, die savage beasts!

The Tough Guy said...

You'd better go and get lost, you moron! You don't even know you're ass from your elbow.