Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Days are passing so fast and I just waste most of my time. It seems like it was yesterday that I was writing about my monthly performance.
My total performance in this month is better than the previous one. I only missed one day. In fact I ran 14 days in Oct. compare to 11 days in Sep. I even ran more but 14 is the number of days that I timed myself. Beside in this month I, at times did exercise 4 or 5 times a week. I added a considerable amount of indoor cycling, used more machines and experienced new exercises.
One problem I have and must get over it in Nov. is doing work out in weekends. My capabilities drops sharply in weekends and that’s, I think because of lack of activity and eating too much! For example I had my worst time ever in Oct.22 which was a Sun.! I got 11:57 min., almost 1 min. longer than my close-to-the-best time! And that single day plus one more day affect my total performance of this month. If I look at the whole data as a SPC program, those two days are out and not considered. Here are this month’s results:

Number of days = 14 (3 says more compare to Sep.)
Average time: 11.1483 min. (- 0.0053 compare to Sep.)
Minimum time: 10.8256 min. (+ 0.0029 comapre to Sep.)
Maximum time: 11.8936 (+ 0.4846 comapre to Sep.) This data actually should be removed from the analysis but I leave it!
(Photo: Nov. performance chart shows lots of ups and downs. Day 12 should be removed and a new chart could be generated)

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