Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sep. Performance

I have been practicing track running since June but I just started more frequent running in Sep. and jutted down the results. The above is the chart performance. Every lap is about 235 m and I usually make 10 laps. So it’s 2.35 Km altogether. My goal is to run 2.4 Km in less than 11 min. which would be excellent at my age. Many factors are effective in performance. Amongst them are the following:

1- The food the athlete have in the day of practice and the gap between the last meal and exercise. Running with filled up stomach or shortly after the meal, is an absolute stupidity.

2- Temperature and humidity. That is actually a controlled factor in a sport complex but the athlete can change it due to his or her need by using different types of apparel.

3- Tiredness. I’ve experienced it several times and it’s as clear as crystal. There were times that I couldn’t even finish the 5th lap as a result being worn out.

4- Clothing which would be applied in case you are jugging out in an uncontrolled environment, for example a park's trail.

5- Shoe. This is very important. Today’s technology allows you to have a very comfortable and relaxed run while being fast and accurate. I went to a Sportcheck last weekend to redeem a MBNA coupon which allowed me to have a 15% off any merchandise I buy. You could get running shoes up to $150 a pair. If you go to Running Room or Forzani Tech Shop, you pay even more and get better result. But that does not guarantee an ideal run just by itself.

6- The day of the week and the time of the day.

Here are some more of the Sep. performance:

Number of days the run was performed: 11
Average time: 11.1536 min.
The longest: 11.4090 min.
The shortest: 10.8227 min.

I will put more analysis into the this month's performance chart.

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