Sunday, October 08, 2006


I watched RV on DVD last night. It’s one of the movies that I wanted to watch in theatre but couldn’t and I’m happy for that! It’s supposed to be a comedy but rarely makes you laugh. If a movie is good, I usu. watch it more than once and at times if I really like it, I buy the DVD but RV is not one. You can not compare it to any of Jim Carry movies. Robin Williams is a veteran actor but he has jumped to different genres. I don’t remember I’ve seen many movies of him but he’s very popular. A movie of him that I watched and enjoyed and that was the only one is Mrs. Doubtfire. That’s the movie I’ll rent again and prob. buy if I like it. But RV is just an average movie. It longs a little more than hour and a half and I think the scenarist tried very hard to make it that long because all he could do is adding more RV camps to the screenplay and that doesn’t make much difference in what might happen to a family on a camping trip. There’s a scene that the RV rolls back to a lake and sinks. The director doesn’t even bother saying the story of taking such a big vehicle out!
Anyhow if you haven’t watched the movie, there’s no regret, don’t even rent it because it’s a new release and they charge you $5.19 and that's only for 2 nights! That’s what happened to me! If you wanna laugh, rent one of Jim Carrey’s or choose from many other titles and then rent RV in a few month! The quote has been said by Roger Ebert: There’s nothing I much disliked but little to really recommend.
(Photo: Joanna Levesque is for sure one of the reasons you might watch RV. She's very cute and looks like Lindsey Lohan. That's why I like her!)

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