Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nation of Islam

I was goin’ through the daily news the other day and encountered something that made me taken aback. Michael Jackson’s ex-wife is battling him to get the children's custody back, may be temporary. M. J. has been married to – or have had relationship with - different women so far including Elvis Presley’s daughter Marie for a short time but this one, Debbie Rowe testified in favor of him in his last accusation of child molestation which ended with a jury’s decision of him being innocent. There’s no doubt that he was guilty as before, the 1993 case, but he bribed the witnesses, the judge and the jury and escaped from ending up behind the bars for at least 20 years! When I used to follow his court trial on a daily basis, I noticed that many proofs has been gathered to throw him where he really deserves to be. Amongst them where a security guard who had seen him naked in bathroom or pool with kids, his fingerprints on a porn magazine which was being shared with the kids by him, feeding the kids with alcoholic beverages in soft drink cans (!) and many more but he, as I said, escaped. His reputation though was ruined so bad that he flew to Bahrain right after the court’s decision and now he’s somewhere in Europe. That’s funny because he’s trying to run away from himself and all the disgusting things he has done so far in his life. So why his ex-wife’s trying to get the kids form him back? (May be just 2 of 'em ‘cause the last one’s mom is unknown to the public!) That's because Debbie is Jewish and she says she sees M. J.’s ties to Nation of Islam! and the group is anti-Semitic! But what’s really Nation of Islam? You can go, search and read as much as you want but I have something to tell you: Louise Farrakhan the minister (!) of the group had a trip to Iran a few years before my immigration and met with the top leaders of the country. So you imagine Michael Jackson, who's an alleged child molester and continually grabs his genital when he has live performances on the stage, is a true Muslim and serving his Allah by those kind of actions! I don’t wanna say anything about Farrakhan because everyone knows people like him. People who daily sex with every possible person, alcohol, drugs, stupid Hip Hop music and inhuman way of dressing of them is known to every one. If this is Nation of Islam and this is what their religion is believed in, as salvation, I shit on it! Snoop Dogg (What kind of creature call himself a dog!?), 50 Cents and all the creatures like them (I don't consider them humans) whom are known as black celebrities (!) are probably members of Nation of Islam as well, driving to Allah and his beloved heaven!


Adel Imran said...

Salam Alaikom. I am Adel from Pakistan, your website is good but I disagree with you sir. you seem bias sir. I think you should get back to your roots. You are from middle east, now since you have come to Canada you live like Robinson Cruises, so I think you have lost your touch with reality sir. I would recommend you contact your native people too. Pretending to be white does not make you whiter. Also I think you should be ashamed for your bad language calling everyone stupid. I am sure most of the people whom you hate and you keep writing about it, live in much better mental and physical health than you sir. you better do that before you completely go insane. Kindest regards.

The Tough Guy said...

Who told you that I'm being White? I think you should ask yourself why you're writing these?! I'm Iranian and a real Iranian speaks Persian and a real Iranian is Zoroastrian. Islam was spread all over the place by invading other nations. It is in your Koran: Be a Muslim or Pay us!! That's the most stupid thing I've ever heard. Everyone is free to choose his or her own faith. And you and your entire nation should be ashamed or your nationality and religion, even your President who got the power after a coup d'état!!
You should be disgraced of your nationality and religion because you founded Taliban and Al-Qaeda and you Pakistanis killed innocent people in London Subway and many more all over the world. Worst wishes for Pakistanis and Arabs the ultimate beasts in the world!