Saturday, October 28, 2006

Constant Learning

With the new NHL season began a few weeks ago, we have at least three games every Sat. night, I guess. One of the plans is move NHL games from CBC to one of the numerous stations that you usu. get them on cable TV. It hasn’t happened yet so I still have the chance to watch the beautiful games.
Washington was playing in Edmonton against the Oilers and I caught the game from the second period where it was 1-0 Edmonton. It was a nice game like all NHL game and the Oilers beat the Capitals 4-0 at the end. Just a few second left to the game, the Capitals pulled out their goalie in order to be able to attack using 6 players and that was when they were fallen behind 0-3! Then they accepted the forth goal and the goalie returned to his position! Coaches usually do that when they are one score behind not when it’s like that but what one of the commentators said last week when Detroit was playing against the Oilers in Edmonton is interesting. He said coaches use every opportunity to make their players exercise the team’s tactics and learn. Edmonton won its 6 home straight game tonight.
(Photo: The Capitals' goaltender, Brent Johnson, didn't have a good night in Edmonton unlike this photo. He allowed 4 out of 28 shots)

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