Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flags of Our Fathers

I finally watched a good movie in a theatre after a few disappointing ones. I caught Flags of our Fathers in Chinook. First I thought it's a new version of Saving Private Ryan as everything looked the same at the beginning but then it turned a little different! Yes. Just a little different!
It's a new version of that movie but Eastwood tells us the story of Iwo Jima island where Americans and Japanese fought for a piece of rock in the last days of WWII. He has added a few good points and facts about American society which makes it valuable: The propaganda, life of native Americans or as they call 'em Indians! and in a way American way of life which is full of dreams.
Anyhow that's a good movie also for the ones who like to see war scenes. So don't miss the chance and get it in a theatre 'cause it's worth watching on big screen. Don't wait for the DVD.
(Photo: American soldiers raise their nationsl flag on top of Iwo Jima island in the last days of the WWII. The fight were goin' on days after that actually!)

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