Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Amir Amiri

I was being dragged down in to my confusion last Sat. night while received a call from Ali G. He told me that had parked in front of the building and asked me to come out. " I have a surprise for you " he said. I put my cloths on and got out. It was freezing. He had bought a brand new Acura, a 2006 model for more than $30,000. I don't remember the model but it has a huge engine and a beautiful interior design. He finally did that after he have had problems with his old Mercedes and his old Ford truck was impounded.
Anyway he told me about a live performance of Amir Amiri in Beat Niq. I had heard the guy before but never listened to him.
We got in and after a few min. they started. That was him playing the santir, an Oriental girl, playing violin and another Oriental girl, originally from Vietnam whom I saw her in Heritage Festival last Aug. with a big stringed instrument which I can't recall the name. Amir and the violinist performed a few beautiful duets. They have had several times practice together but they didn't seem very tuned with the Vietnamese one. That was their first time she was playing with them. We spent 2 hours in there, from 09:00 to 11:00 PM and that was really good. It's the first time that a Persian musical instrument harmonizes with a Western and Oriental one and that was a very unique and amazing experience for me. Amir has been living in Canada for almost 10 years and music is his career. He's a very cool guy with a sense of humor and the few girls over there liked him very much just they like every musician! That reminded me of Jack Black in School of Rock saying " You might be the ugliest guy on the planet but when you're in a band you'll be the most popular guy in the school " Amir is not ugly but music is among the things that attracts girls very quick and easy. They worship musicians. I have been doing different hard sports for more than 15 years and have never been the centre of attention as much as a new music player is! Good for them!
(Photo: Amir with his Oriental violinist friend. This picture is not from the night we were enjoying their performance. There was a girl, one of his freinds[!] who took several photos with a kind of advanced digital camera, using no flash that night but I didn't have my camera with me. May be next time. I hope to see her and ask her how she did that)

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