Monday, November 13, 2006

Remembrance Day

Last Sat,. Nov.11 was the Remembrance Day and for that we were off today. It was actually a statutory holiday for everyone because when a holiday hits weekend,  the very next day is the day that everyone is entitled to have off.
I didn't know that even schools are closed and there's no class. So when I went to U of C to find the wrestling coach whom had been introduced to me a few days ago by a young Canadian girl, I only found his office. I went there to see if I can join them for exercises, although I have been away from wrestling for years. I should try that again soon.
CBC had a program about a Canadian soldier's and his family life after he lost both legs in his mission to Afghanistan. This is what I immediately send to CBC as part of their Your Turn program which let the listeners send their feedback to them, although I know they never publicize it:

What we watched tonight on The National is just part of the pain that Canadian soldiers who have been sent to Afghanistan, are through. If this country is going to lose more young individuals, the ones who are supposed to build this nation's future and if a few more billion is going to be spent on such a useless mission, there's nothing that I can add.
If you're going to wake up and open your eyes to the truth, that's again the time I don't have to say a thing because that's the time you understand that sending them out there is the biggest mistake that one nation has ever done in the entire history of mankind.
And finally If you believe in free speech, let Canadian people hear my voice. May be they wake up from hibernation and do something in that regard instead of being worried about Christmas, their SUVs, NHL, their wine and dine and their night and dawn.

(Photo: World War I veteran Lloyd Clemett from Ontario, born 1899 is amongst three Canadian soldiers who are still alive. State funeral has been suggested by some for these three veterans but is not approved yet. That kind of honor is only subjected to high ranked authorities in the country like the Prime Minister and Governor General)

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