Friday, November 17, 2006


I was diagnosed with Gout almost 4 years ago and this is one fucking awful disease. If you are not aware of it, eating rich foods like cheese, steak, liver, in another word most kinds of red meat and alcoholic beverages are the cause. I didn't use to drink on that time but may be I used to have too much meat and cheese. This fucking disease attacks you on the joint and it's so painful that makes you immobile. It always attacks me on my left toe and my goodness! I can't even put my shoe on!
I remember when it hit me the first time four years ago, Keiv P. drove me to a Downtown clinic and the piece of crap got disappeared after that! That's the person whom I used to call a friend! I had to walk to the nearby bus stop while limping and take the bus home after examination! I asked that stupid animal to stop calling me after he called several times and I didn't pick. I rather not to hang out with human-like useless filthy craps like that.
Anyway the doctor prescribed a medicine that removes the pain and explained that diet I had to and still have to follow.
Gout attacked me 3 days ago again and I tried to ignore it. I even went to gym and did all my exercises including running (That's how a tough guy acts!) but it I was defeated finally last night! I woke up at about 03:00 AM and couldn't go back to sleep for almost 1.5 hour. Then I was completely useless at work today, continuously under severe pain. Gordon offered me some Deer Sausage made by a friend or colleague of him. He had told me that he goes Deer hunting off and on. Deer meat is very rich and that's exactly what I should avoid! It was also very spicy and made my body itchy but I couldn't resist and had some while brought the rest home. That's so tasty. It reminded me of the small piece of Moose Andrew gave me a few years ago. That was actually very tiny piece and I don't even remember the taste but what I remember and know is that the meat of all these mammals are very rich. I don't know how Inuit people eat that shit every day and most of the time raw! May be that's the harsh condition of North make them able to have such a rich food. Nevertheless they are really tough people. I'm not even close to them! After all these Canadians are kind of strange mostly. Some of them are helpful and friendly and some are just scums.
I was struggling with pain all day long and did mostly nothing and then left early for a doctor. First I went to a 24-hour clinic in Downtown, 8th & 8th Clinic, where I was diagnosed first time almost 4 years ago. There was nowhere to park the damn car. I didn't have change for the fucking meter and the local parking are so expensive, $6 for the first hour and $3 for every half an hour after that! You imagine how much you pay after sitting hours in the clinic. So I left for another doctor's office at 17th Ave. and 14th St., SW, where there's a higher chance of finding free parking. I parked and walked to the clinic while still was in pain. What I found was shocking, a sign at the door: We have moved to ... !
Frustrated and in pain, I left for another walk-in clinic in 17th but a few blocks away, close to 40 something St. Fortunately I saw a doctor after more than an hour waiting and he prescribed the same medicine. I'm feeling a little better now and hopefully go back to normal life again tomorrow. But I'm telling you it's as bad as tooth ache and be very careful with your food. A pharmacists I talked to, the other night told me that the disease is genetic, meaning has been transferred to me by my ancestors! But I know no one with a such horrible history of illness in my entire family. Nasser my cousin who's 8 years older me with a big belly and a lot heavier than me of course and has never done a single sport in his life, has never complained about that. Who knows?
(Photo: This photo shows me my buddy Andrew with one of his trophies. I kind of changed this picture on the face as I am not sure if he is OK with his image being posted. May be he sees it and get in touch!)

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