Monday, November 06, 2006

Trouble with the Car, Again!

I still am not sure it was a mistake selling my brand new tiny lovely Toyota Echo or not. I went for a coffee in the early morning of last Sat. when I left McDonald’s lounge and sat in the car I had no doubt I could start the car and go back home. The big gas-eater 8 cylinder Chevy performed perfect all week long when the temp. dropped to -16 ˚C. So I turned the key and the engine started groaning! I was surprised. I tried a few more times and nothing happened! Then simply left the car in the parking lot and walked home. Then I came again in few min. and gave it another shot: Zip!
I noticed its choke light comes up. I ran back home to check what it is. I only found that the cars which lack fuel injector, use a choke which if driven with a light on, would seriously damages the engine. Choke is used to enrich the fuel mixture by reducing the flow of air to the carburetor.
I asked me: " How in the hell am I going to work tomorrow? ", " What if I ride my bike? ", " Damn! The rear tire is as smooth as a hockey rink! ", " How about bus and train? Then I started studying different routes that might take me to work. Routes 10, 47, 403, 433 they all take me somewhat close to work but I have to wake up early and walk and change and damn! That’s gonna be a misery! In the mean time the car was sitting in the parking lot. If someone reported on that, my car would get towed and I would be fined but fortunately no one usually pays attention to an old car in a busy McDonald’s parking lot in a cold Sun. afternoon. I decided to check on route 433 which would get me close enough to the plant. So I walked to C-train station, caught the train, got of at Erlton-Stampede and then checked 433’s stop. I had to be there at 06:17 AM to be able to catch the bus!
Then I called Keiv to see if he’s home and I headed to his place. We talked for a while and watched a hilarious serial part that he had downloaded it and then had our dinner. At the end he gave me a ride home. He had bought a 2006 Honda Civic Coupe in last June and I should say it’s a beautiful car. The interior design is very catchy and unique compare to all the other cars I’ve ever been to. But the engine is pretty small for such a big body, only 1.8 L. which is as small as my sold tiny Toyota Echo's.
Anyway when he dropped me at the door, I went where I left the car in the morning and it was still there! I thought I have to pay to get it towed to the mechanic shop nearby anyway so let’s try that again. I got in, sat, inserted the key and turned it. The engine got ignited! That's crazy. Same thing again today in the morning: Just one try and that was it. I should see if any repair to choke is needed. And eventually I have to buy another car because this is not reliable at all.

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