Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Greatest News Ever

It’s about 06:35 and because of kind of stomach ache I woke up around 05:30 and couldn’t sleep since. I went to my PC and had a look at news. Then I read one of the greatest news I ever heard: Saddam and 2 others including his half-brother are sentenced to death by Iraqi high court.
I never forget a day in Sep. of 80 that I just began school and news of war was everywhere. Although hundreds of thousands of innocent people got killed, were made refugees, wounded and tortured mentally or physically, I don’t know why we kids never felt something really fearful in the early days of war. I remember we used to hang out in the streets when there was a blackout, talking about Iraqis' air strikes and walking around with flashlights. That’s probably why many young Iranians volunteered: fearless as a sign of youth. But it should be mentioned that many of them, later, not in the early days of war, went to fight against Iraqis for another reasons. That was because of mostly being brainwashed and the benefits that the regime would give them.
But none of them matter anymore. The war is over and Iran and Iraq are both ruined, Iraq wouldn’t get back to peace in near future and Iranians will suffer more because of their own mistake of keeping the current regime. That’s another story which might be told later. Cheer everyone! That's a good news.
(Photo: Former US attorny general Ramsey Clark, one of Saddam's lawyers is ejected from the court before the verdict is delivered for whatever reason. I don't know what's this fucking shit? Why the fuck a fucking American lawyer defends a fucking murderer!? That's prob. another sign of democracy, invented and supported by generous Americans!)

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