Monday, November 13, 2006

Extreme Sickness

I didn't want to write about this because this is not something that someone wants to keeps it in his or her mind as part of his life's memoirs but I think better to write it as this is the most unpleasant thing that ever has happened.
I was really sick for a few days and that was so bad which prevented me to go to work on last Wed. and Thu. It was kind of food poisoning I guess. The physician I saw thinks it's the chicken I had but I think that was the fish we had because almost the same thing happened to Hodani. The only difference is he only lost one day of work and that's because he had much less than me. My Goodness! that was the worst sickness I've ever had: Gassy stomach, diarrhea and weekness. When I weigh myself yesterday in the gym, which was the first day since last Tue. I was about 191.8 Lb! I guess I lost about 3 Lb! That's because I almost had nothing for 3 days, compare to what I usu. eat!
Anyway I'm getting healed very slowly and get back to normal life. The strange thing is we had that fish on Sat. evening but the sickness started being felt serious on Tue. evening! The bactria or whatever it was, was kind of inactive for 2 days! I gave stool, urine and blood tests but haven't received anything from the doctor yet.

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