Sunday, November 19, 2006

BC in Deep Shit

News of storms that hit B. C. was all over the TV and papers a few days ago and I thought that was it. But people are still suffering from the consequence after I guess after 4 days. The power lines were cut in places and people have no electricity and also the whole province lack clean drinking water. I called my cousin last Fri. but no one answered. I left a message and haven't received a call back. I think they are frustrated and furious because they have to boil water before consume it, even when they brush their teeth. So I understand their situation and let them be. May be I call them when it's all over.
Scenes of people line up at the stores' doors to buy bottled water were shown on TV today but it was also said that each person is limited to only 2 packs!
B. C. people are always happy that they are away from harsh arctic cold of Canada but they never knew that this damn climate change, a result of global warming, would hit them so bad that they have to live with no water to drink and no power to do a damn thing. One sad fact is all of the stoves here are electric-powered so you can't even cook! The damn storm threw them back to Stone Ages!
Hope everything is alright soon.

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