Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Strange Name for Strange Movie

I watched Tenacious D: in the Pick of Destiny last night while temperature was down to -33˚ C! and it was not only that. The damn wind made it almost -41˚ C and it was so slippery that you could easily do ice skating in the streets and everywhere but nothing stops this people from their ordinary life. Nothing at all. I even saw people who were driving their bike. That's unbelievable! and that's obviously Caucasian people most of the time and some others as well.
Anyway that was totally different from what I was expecting but good though. It was I guess too much of explicitness and oddness. I was a little disappointed especially at the end because I was expecting more but it suddenly ended in hour and half. It's pretty short movie compare to the ones you usually watch these days.
If you like Rock music and also comedy go catch the story of two desperate man who're trying to pay off their rent by playing music while that's not what you see at the end.
(Photo: Jack Black, right and Kyle Gass in a scene of Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny)

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