Monday, November 20, 2006

Organic Foods

One out of many concerns here regarding food, one is what really farmers, companies and restaurants do to bring the food to your table. For that reason there are a few organic food stores in the town which claim they sale non-processed food, the food is literally natural with no chemicals added to it.
I was to one of these stores for the second time, this time to purchase something. When I stepped in the store a tiny cute Canadian girl caught my eye and I started asking questions about organic food. She answered all the questions and explained everything to me willingly. The food in those stores is really expensive compare to what you get in a regular supermarket. I wanted to try them and see the difference. Actually some of them are tasty but for someone like me who eats a lot and earn a little, it’s not a good idea to do his or her grocery shopping in such a store. Look at what I got today from that store, Planet Organic:

Spinach Mushroom Lasagna – 0.21 Kg - $6.50
Multi grain Green Onion cake - $2.49 (Just a small round thin piece of bread like a pita)
Semi Sweet Dark Chocolate Chip – 0.21 Kg – $4.09

As you see most of these foods are snacks not real meals and you see how expensive they are. It’s plain to me that someone’s weekly spending on food goes double or even triple if he or she wants to have a diet based on organic food. So my guess is people go to such store off and on just to satisfy themselves that they have at least a few organic meals in a week. May be I talk to people next time in the store and ask about their ideas.
(Photo: I barely resist something like that but I've been recently very careful with my food. This is a bowl of organic blackberry frozen yogurt. Looks very yummy)

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