Monday, November 27, 2006


My supervisor asked me to leave everything and kicked me out of the job last Fri. It was almost 11 o’clock and I simply handed my card and logged off and left. That was a shock to me because I didn't expect that. I always wanted to leave them and was looking for a new position. I wanted to leave them desperate but they jumped over me and kicked me out. That was my own fault. I started fighting them right from the beginning and said to me: “They desperately need you and they have to follow your lead” But that was not that. They considered my criticizing as nagging and I should have known that I can’t make a change in a short period of time and also I can’t turn a donkey to a horse.
I have been in so bad situation ever since. I can’t eat properly and sleep enough. I decided to go back home and I still have that plan in my mind. All I’m doing is waiting for my record of employment, so I can complete my EI application and receive a few hundred bucks from the Federal Government, do more job searching and renew my Iranian passport. I’m also waiting for IQAS reply to my education assessment request that I need for the Navy job application. When I went to the gym last night I noticed that my weigh is dropped to 187.1 Lb! I lost almost 5 Lb in less than 2 days! I really felt weak when I was lifting and pushing weights but I have to go back to normal life. I feel a bit better now. That was a good lesson for me. Now I know how to behave in my next position. Here are a few tips for new job seekers in North America, especially the ones from a different work culture:
- The American way of life which is being followed both in Canada and of course the US doesn't care about the waste and expenses. If they are manufacturing or producing something and that costs $10 while could be $5 try not to clear the mess. Just leave it there and let the stream take you. Efficiency and productivity are the facts that you only read them in the textbooks and you have to leave them there. No one here needs that. So try not to suggest or recommend anything. They don’t like changes even if that leads to a more efficient and productive workplace. “ I don’t care ” is their favorite quote and you hear that everyday. What brings this society to the top is first of all the poor refugees and immigrants who work hard for $10 to $15 an hour and then almost unlimited resources they have. Modern slavery keeps Canada alive, people who used to earn not more than a buck a month come to this part of the world and work hard for that much I just mentioned and are happy. That’s what keeps the cogwheel running here.
- Never ever apply for a position that you are overqualified for. Otherwise you have to waste your time with sheep and cows who never understand a thing and you’ll suffer a lot.
- You should understand that these people don’t like immigrants in general, especially if you’re originally from a country like Iran as I am. They don’t care if you are fluent, shaved, educated or well-dressed and polite. They look down on you and consider you all the same. There were people in the company who didn't answer back when I say hello to them. You could figure out the rest yourself. Anyhow that was a good experience and I learnt a lot both in technical and behavioral terms.

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