Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dual Citizenship

Double citizenship is not accepted in some corners of the world including Iran. But almost all of the people who live in the US or Canada are dual citizens. If you’re one, you can not fill the critical position of the nation. You can not for example be the Prime Minister.
Stephane Dion who just won leadership campaign of the Liberal Party has French citizenship in addition to his Canadian. He has to give it up in case he becomes the Prime Minister. Peter Mansbridge the chief anchor of CBC has been born in England. The fact I didn’t know and of course most of people didn’t as well until the day he revealed it. The new issue for dual citizens, the Iranian ones, is whoever has a US Dollar account with the RBC his or her funds are frozen. RBC has just closed all the US accounts of the people who frequently travel to those dark parts of the globe. The new rule also restricts people from opening the US accounts with RBC.
The United States has asked RBC to do so as part of anti-terrorism act and restricting Iran. I, myself strongly believe that citizenship grant should be a longer and much more complicated process. When a person is granted Canadian citizenship, he or she is entitled with many benefits. What the fuck does he or she do for Canada? They don’t care. They just use the passport as an apparatus to travel around easily and even curse Canadians. So that was good lesson for them. Not every one deserves a Canadian citizenship. Fuck those motherfuckers who abuse that including the fucking Lebanese who just were trying to escape from Israelis in last summer’s conflict. Fuck ‘em all!
(Photo: Peter Mansbridge the top anchor of CBC has been born in England. He's the best in his job. I watch his show every night)

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