Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Real Canadian Winter

It got really cold yesterday and it’s going to be like this for a few days or more. But this is only happening to the west of the country, from B. C. to Manitoba. Eastern Canada is not affected at all. I guess I’m lucky that I saw the beautiful Stanley Park of Vancouver before it was hit by a few storms and looses as many as thousands of its threes. B. C. people have faced sever downpour, winds and snow storms which has been mentioned previously. Today I just had a short walk to the nearby McDonald's for a breakfast in the morning and then to Chinook Centre and God! that was so harsh. Not even one single person was seen in the streets because of the wind and cold. The temperature dropped down to -20 ˚C and the wind chill helps to go to -32 ˚C at the moment.
Just to add that lack of snow and cold in its traditional Canadian way, has made some people of the east frustrated. While many people are enjoying the warm weather in golf courses, the other are just waiting for cold to go to their favorite sports, ski, snow board and back yard hockey. Ottawa Canal which is the path of a winter skating festival is not frozen and cold enough to be considered safe for skaters. It should be at least 10 days with temperature less than -15 ˚C in the city. The whole apartment has been shaking like a cradle right from the morning! Although it’s a little late but I might go out for photography in a few min.! I didn’t have much exercise today in the gym and also yesterday but I’m tired as lack of work out for a whole week which I’ll write about that later.
(Photo: I took this photo from the inside of my bedroom in last week of Nov.06. Temperature dropped down to -40 ˚C considering wind Chill)

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