Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Guardian Again!

I was sent to a company in north eastern part of Calgary near the airport called Guardian Telecommunication Inc. more than 2 years ago by a recruiting agency. When I went there, a short tiny Oriental woman accepted me in her office and asked me a few questions and then said that she had asked the agency to send someone with electronic background and obviously I didn’t get hired. I never heard of that agency and never called them. Then there was an add. before the holidays and I applied for the position. When I received the call I noticed that I would be sent to the same company and I mentioned that.
The lady, who pretended she didn’t recognize me or may be she really didn’t, asked me to start the day after which was today and I did! She said that she did not like long interviews! I started there as a Quality Control Inspector and started with a batch of metal products used for telephone boxes and found 30 parts rejected! They were impressed and I guess that was a good start but rather that than I think there’s something wrong with this company. I guess they hire people and as soon as they deliver the orders, they get rid of them! Otherwise why would someone hire for a position two times in past two years? Beside it’s a boring job. Just checking the incoming material or better to say parts in a 100% inspection manner and most of the time stupid characteristics are chosen to be checked! No procedure of inspection plan. For example the Oriental guy, whom I’m supposed to help him so he’s set freed to take care of the finished product, showed me big boxes of capacitors and asked me to confirm the specification with comparing them with a purchase order binder! How dumb someone could be to do such a stupid incoming quality control check?!
That says it all. A grade ten school kid is able to do that job and I do not think there is any future opportunity in that company. So I may tell the recruiter everything tomorrow because I have to go back to the airport this Thu. again. At least in that job I have time for interviews and job search.

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