Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm talking about Genesis tonight. But not the Genesis with Phil Collins or without him! The Genesis with Jason and the other ones!
I had an interview today with a manufacturing company called Genesis Machining Services Inc. They are located in 52nd St. where many other companies and suppliers are located, Foothills Industrial Area. At the beginning the young fellow, Jason, said that I seem fitted to this position and I answered everything he asked very well. Then he took me to two small workshops they have and the room for quality control, where I’m supposed to work if I’m hired. They have tens of different tools and gauges, including calipers and micrometers. He, then, said a few things about the hours of operation, salary and benefit. Fortunately he didn’t ask any kind of silly questions that are usually asked! But at the end he said he had more interviews to come. I thought he would ask me to start tomorrow! But that didn’t happen and I sort of got a little upset. I was so confident about getting the job. It took about 30 min. and I left then. There’s still a chance as he asked me to be patient with him. What other choice do I have?!

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