Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saskatchewan Again

I had my second trip to Saskatoon last Thu. night. This time it was for a quality coordinator position with a mining company called Cameco, the exact same position I applied for almost 2 years ago in the exact same area: North of province of Saskatchewan where one of the biggest uranium ores of the world is located. This trip was a bit different. As I have started a job in the airport almost 2 weeks ago, what I did is I started my job, I finish it, I board the plane. I didn’t have to pay for the cab or the parking because I have a parking pass. And the same scenario again: I landed in Calgary International Airport, I got my baggage, I put it in my locker, changed, started the job!
Saskatoon just had its worst blizzard in last 50 years one day before my trip! So when I got there I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Roads were so slippery and bumpy, full of snow and ice that not every car could drive around easily. I stayed in Radisson Hotel, a nice place in downtown at level 18! I still regret I didn’t have my camera on me. And in the morning I went to Cameco for my interview. That was completely different from what I had last time with Cogema and also different from what I was expecting in terms of questions. There were two guys, one young man of their HR department who simply read the questions from a paper and was writing down whatever he wanted and a mid-aged man who then introduced himself as the superintendent of quality department who mostly was just listening and noting down. Here’re a few questions they asked and my answers to them:

* Are you aware of safety in nuclear facilities and processes? (What a dumb question! Of course I am not!)
* Do you think documentation only makes bureaucracy a problem for the projects and have no advantages? (No absolutely not. It helps a lot for different reasons)

I really can’t recall anymore!

Anyhow that’s what happened and I unfortunately don’t feel good about that but may be the other candidates are not as good as me and I get the job. I think there’s something wrong with my interview-passing capabilities. Because I get good interviews but never pass them! It’s a permanent position with a week-on week-off rotation service and the salary is something around $66,000 as the HR guy said. I’ll wait ‘cause I already received a phone call from that fucking foam plant indicated I won’t be invited for the second interview and my job with a communication company is in jeopardy because of postponing the interview. I’ll write about that later.
(Photo: A scanned photo of Saskatchewan paper, The Phoenix Star, shows the severity of the blizzard in that province and its city, Saskatoon)

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