Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Give Someone Shit

I really feel bad about what I did to Reza the Stingy (Chos khor) a few days ago. I actually used up my entire patience for him. I really got fed up with all stupid behavior and gave him shit. He didn’t say much. I just wonder how the hell a stupid moron like that lives a married life!? He doesn’t even know how to make a cup of tea properly. He’s dirty and a real moron. Once we got home and the PC was off. He asked me if it is off or not?! I told him: “You tell me. You’re electrical engineer!” I told him whatever I could. I said how stupid it is to follow a damn religion which sends people thousands of years back to Stone Age. I said he does not even have a proper post-secondary education! I said he’s a village boy and doesn’t know much about city life! And more. But now I don’t feel good about that. Although he’s an asshole and retarded but he’s a nice and decent guy and he didn’t say back much. I used everything I know about him to ruin him. I even mentioned his escape from Toronto a few years ago.
After all he was my guest and my cousin recommended him but his stinginess, religious behavior, being filthy and knowing nothing about life pissed me off and I gave him shit.
But it's good to mention that the first time I heard this phrase or whatever it is, was when I used to live at The Brave’s. Ali Abadani’s room in there was right below mine and one night I was trying to sleep and he was on the phone, talking to his Mom in strong Southern Iranian accent. I couldn’t sleep and I had a big fight with him. Actually he didn’t say much back. The day after when I got home, The Brave asked me: “Did you give Ali shit last night?” I didn’t know what that means exactly at the time and I think I didn’t answer, but got a clue of what he was trying to say. Ali Abadani and The Brave were close at the time. Like friends. That was before their fight which led to Ali’s departure. All I said is how loud he was and didn’t let me sleep!

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