Sunday, January 28, 2007


I don’t fucking know how long should I keep this fucking shit going! I, again, went to a small manufacturing company called BRC Engineering through a recruiter called Randstad last Fri. This one was a completely different experience. First of all that’s a family business and one of the sons, Carter who claims he’s a P. Eng. on his business card, told me that he had gone through the website of Takestan! Then he directly took me to their small workshop. They had just a few machines and a small room for their inspection needs. There was a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) height gauge and a couple of calipers and micrometers, of course. He asked me if I know how to work with that and I immediately said no. That was obviously a negative impact. They manufacture precise parts for race car engines, medicine industry and oil and gas and all use CNC machines. I don’t know why the fuck they are so dependent on their inspection. They probably know nothing about robust processes, SPC, gauge capability and other new engineering concepts which help you to find the problem in your manufacturing process, before that’s too late.
Anyhow we went upstairs in a small office and he asked me a few questions. What he told me was weird. I think that was a waste of fuel to go there! He said that he was not sure if they wanted to hire someone and he also said that I was overqualified for the job. But he also said that he would inform the recruiter in the middle of the net week. Finally, in a nutshell, I think that’s a mistake most of the time to apply for a position through a recruiter. They always send you there because they hope you get the job and they get their money.

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