Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reza the Stingy (In Persian: Reza Chos-khor)

Ali Goole (Ali, the fast) a cousin of mine who's a physician and has recently arrived in Los Angeles and is goin’ to start his school in USC told me a few weeks ago, online, that a friend of his called Reza is coming to the city I’m currently reside in and asked me to help him in case he needs anything.
The guy called me a few weeks ago and asked about different things. Then he moved in with me and is a roommate of mine now. He’s married and is waiting for his wife to come. The guy is an electrical engineer but not a wise one. He’s religious and kind of slow. He got his degree from one of government schools that you are supposed to work for them in return after you're graduated. What happened today morning is really funny. He was in the kitchen, washing the dishes I guess and his mobile phone rang. He rushed to the room and picked up. First he said Aloe!, in a way we say in Persian which it’s actually French. Then he probably heard someone speaking English and said Hello! He suddenly got very polite and disciplined. I heard that he was saying something about Fri. and he happily ended the call. Then turned his face to me and said: “That’s an interview”. He was very excited and also quite nervous. He didn't know what to do and was very likely day dreaming about a big job which conveys thousands of dollars to his account every months. Then he turned the PC on and started checking his e-mails to find out about the company offering the position. The idiot didn't even ask the name of the caller, the company or the opening! May be the lady said that but he didn't get it. After a few minutes of anxious searching I put my hand on his shoulder and said: “Just come down my friend. You have the address. Go there, see the company and then search in the internet” He accepted and got dressed and left while was very happy and hopeful. I asked him why he preferred Fri. over today for the interview and he said that he had to make himself ready and also he’s usually more relaxed and ready in the morning! Today’s interview was supposed to be started at 15:00.
Anyhow he left and I was doing my own stuff until the time my telephone rang. I picked up and that was him, the Chos-khor or the Stingy. He barely could help laughing. He said that phone call was from CO-OP supermarket in Downtown, at 11th Ave. and 11th St., very likely for a cashier position or something like that. I know how he felt after seeing the big building but what the hell? He has already started a job as a security guard just because he doesn't want to spend the money he brought to Canada. Now, is that a problem with working as a cashier or shelf-person in a supermarket? You’re getting dollars asshole! Isn't that fucking what you’re here for? There are too many stories about Reza Chos-khor who has been living with me since the last week of Dec. but I would like to finish this shit by just mentioning that he once lived in Toronto for a few months in probably 2004 and didn't last long obviously and went back home, got his previous job, married and is here again full of hope!

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