Sunday, January 21, 2007

R. K.

I met R. Z. first time after she dropped Imari at my door. He’s a very nice guy, his father is from Kashmir, India and his Mom is from Shiraz, Iran but she doesn’t speak Persian. I called him a few weeks ago after almost four and a half year. He’s kind of the guy who helps in any way he’s able to, married with two beautiful kids, his daughter and son. He helped me to get that job in the airport which I lost in two weeks. I visited him again today and he helped me again. He told me about the way someone can get his licence for driving a cab. There’s a high demand for that in the town now and also gave me good advices about the time I have and how to use it while being paid. He said that I can take a program in a school and as long as it does not cost more than $10,000, the government pays for that, plus the cost of living during the time of education. Then I thought to myself: Why not? Why would I waste my time on shifty jobs while am being paid? I can just relax, study and do my job searching. I have one interview for a good position tomorrow at 01:00 PM. That’s a quality control manager for a manufacturing company in Foothills Industrial Area. I checked the location today so I’ll be fine tomorrow to get there. There are still chances for getting that quality coordinator job in Saskatchewan and also my CF position is in progress. So why the hell am I not patient enough? I really don’t know what the fuck is wrong with me! One reason for sure is I’m lonely. If I had a nice, lovely and kind girlfriend (A sweet girl like Kajaal) who lived with me or a good roommate (Not someone like Reza Chos Khor -Reza the Stingy- of course!) that would be different. I should fight until the day I win. And I have lots of time. There are too many opportunities and I’ll get one. I have to. R. Z. actually helped me a lot spiritually and thoughtfully. He’s a good friend. I should build stronger relationship with good people here. Just like the time I used to live in Iran. I had so many different good friends. But here for reasons I don’t have that many. As a matter of fact there are few which could be relied upon when I need them in different situations. It reminds me what my late dear Dad used to say as a Persian proverb: Thousands of friends are not too many. One single enemy is a lot. Especially here in Canada, that really is a must.
(Photo: it shows the area called Jammu and Kashmir and has been a point for struggle between India and Pakistan for years. It's a very beautiful place, attracting thousands of tourists every year. My friend just came back from there a few months ago after visiting his parents. I should talk to him about the history and what he feels about there, his parents and everything)

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