Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy 140th birthday

I woke up around 10:00 today. I can really not have a good sleep in this damn room because it’s all bright at around 05:30. So sometimes I wake up early and then go to sleep again and sometimes wake up and can’t sleep again. Today, fortunately, I was able to sleep a little longer.
Then decided to go to Canada Place in Vancouver to see Canada Day parade. I bought almost $25 gas and drove down the road. I saw a hitchhiker while I was leaving Squamish and decided to pick him up. The stupid moron stank like shit! The guy from Windsor, ON told me that he cooks for a restaurant in the town. It helped me not to feel the long drive to the city but the smell bothered me until I dropped him in West Vancouver. Then I went for a little shopping and then to Ambleside Park. It was very busy and people were celebrating Canada Day, flying Kites, playing with the dogs, sampling foods or simply lying down on the beach and enjoying the sun.
I, then, went to North Vancouver shore and visited HMCS Vancouver and the Pier. Unfortunately it was a little late and couldn’t get on board. Sea Bus gate was just a little far away from there and I could get it to Downtown but didn’t. Seemed a little crowded to me as well. I just took a few photos and then crossed over Lion Gates Bridge to Stanley Park. That was very crowded as well and also downtown. So I turned back home.
Canada Day was celebrated at the other side of the country as well, I saw in the morning news. Harper and Jean, the Prime Minister and Governor General were in Ottawa, shaking hands and waving at people in Parliament Hill. Jean left after that but Harper, his wife and the two kids stayed and watched the singing and dancing performances. Everybody looked happy.
(Photo: This totem pole standing in Ambleside Park in West Vancouver and looking to the Pacific Ocean with wide open arms, is said, has been presented to the people of West Vancouver by the First Nation people of British Columbia)

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