Friday, December 19, 2008

Extreme Madness

I'm a big fan of Mike Tyson and regardless of what he has been through including the recent bankruptcy, I liked his as a good sportsman. At the same time I always thought that he's a crazy man. I look at his biography and watch a collection of his fights that I own and all I see is rage and madness.

I believed in that until I watched a few fights on TV: UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship. That's absolute madness. Guys beat the shit of their opponents. The guys is bleeding like hell and is receiving punches. Looks like there's no rule. Fighters are in a cage and could be pushed to the fence and kicked until go unconscious. That's the time the referee stops the fight. So if you think Tyson or other professional boxers are crazy, rephrase your mind after watching one or two UFCs.
(Photo: Tyson here is seen in 2008 Cannes Film Festival where a documentary about his life was shown. I'll write about that later)

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