Friday, December 18, 2015

A Good Week of Alberta Winter

The temperature finally went down enough to make me able to have a good sleep at nights! A few centimeters of snow, although not enough but is enough for hundreds of accidents at this busy shopping time of the year! I found a new outdoor skating rink close to our place but it has been so cold that I haven't dared trying it yet. I went to for a walk and jog to Stanley Park today but it was so cold that I only did a Power Walk. When I get back to the vehicle I couldn't even feel my fingers! It was almost -14 º C without considering the windchill! 
The weather forecast indicates a bit warmer week ahead, nothing above zero though. I will give that rink a try and also will have to try my camera which has just come back from repair. This is subject of another separate post, after I try the camera.
(Photo: I took this photo this morning from the inside of the vehicle looking out of the driver's window! It was around  -14 º C without windchill but not much snow. I wipe them off quickly)

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