Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Disgusting and Disturbing Winter

It is Dec.09 and the temperature barely has gone below -6º C except for a few days. There's no rain and snow and you look everywhere around and you this disturbing brown colour sours your eyes, except of course at night that the lights of dwellings and some businesses illuminate. 
I once saw people skating at Olympic Plaza two weeks ago, it was I think but I barely think that the ice is good and other outdoor rinks are suitable for skating, to mention, Prince's Island Park and Bowness Park.
But the question is why the winter is remarkably mild? They say it is because of global warming, a result of too much greenhouse gas emission. Who emits this much green gases to have such a significant affect on the weather that the average temperature of winter in December in Calgary now has gone down to around 4º C?! They say countries such as China and India are the most contributors to greenhouse gas emotions and I guess two weeks ago they had a global conference on climate in Paris. Why would China and India emit so much of greenhouse gases? Isn't that because people in North America, Europe and everywhere else are bombed by advertisements 24 hours a day, 356 days a year to buy more and more?!
That conference and other conferences of similar nature is not the solution. As long as Americans  and Canadians want to drive their big SUVs and trucks and consume different products excessively and fly here and their for their all-inclusive vacations, the problem will remain. British Columbia, if I'm not mistaken, has already introduced Carbon Tax and Alberta, I heard, will soon. Alberta also is planning to shut down coal-burning electricity producing plants which as a result will increase the electricity bill. These are good steps but not enough. By the way I have to study a little bit about this Carbon Tax when I got time and post about it. It was not this bad last year and I'm shocked that in only a year the impact can be such. All the businesses who would benefit from cold weather are now suffering! Imagine the amount of warm clothing and jackets which could be sold. Skiing I bet can not be done to the same quality that was normally been enjoyed. You barely require heat for your home and your car does not require more gas because many still are able to walk a few blocks to get to a bus or train station.
(Photo: This image might not completely speaks for itself but December in Calgary and generally in Alberta have always looked much colder. Here there's barely any snow on the ground and this is the first in the past 3 weeks maybe! Less than 1 cm!)

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