Thursday, December 10, 2015

Don't Install Windows 10

For weeks this message appeared on my desktop to upgrade my operating system to Windows 10 for free. Finally I agreed to that and upgrade was performed. The result: Shit! 
First of the its appearance is ugly. More importantly I am now unable to uninstall or install programs. My Internetcalls has problem and I decided to uninstall and re-install but a stupid message appeared on the screen and denied that. My chess is gone and I'm no longer able to play! I guess they are going to provide that as an App that the interested people must buy! 
The quality of the photographs the system shows, when you open them, looks very low! I don't know how this one could happen because I use the same monitor, same hardware, same everything, except that the stupid Microsoft has changed something, probably, that I don't know what it is. 
I know normally it takes a few weeks or at times month to the user to get used to the new system but there are issues that have nothing to do with time. Remember Waterworld? In a scene Kevin Costner is in conversation and he goes: Nothing's free in Waterworld! This is in response to the guy who claims something is available for free. If it is free, I'm sure they have a reason behind that. In this case they're probably using you as a lab rat! Speaking of free I took a friend to Food Bank and probably have to have a post in that regard later. 
By the way, although there are many criticism toward Waterworld, I like that movie. Sure it has issue but what movie doesn't? I like its theme song very much.
(Photo: Late Dennis Hopper, on right and Kevin Kostner in a scene of Waterworld, one of my all time favorites. This scene, however has nothing to do with the expression Nothing's free in Waterworld!)

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