Monday, December 07, 2015

Lowest of Loonie

In the string of good news that I have heard in the past month or so, this one was added on the top of it: Canadian dollar hit its lower since 2004! It was traded for US $0.74! At the same time and it looks they have hands to hand with crude because a barrel of WTI was traded for US $38.05
So it is true that 2016 doesn't look much better. There's a saying in Persian which goes: A good year has its pleasant signs shoeing in spring! and that is because Persian year starts in spring and it literally means that if your spring is pleasant then your year most likely will be good as well. 
I'm just chilling at this moment! There's not much to do. I'm working on another certificate which I will write about later when it finishes. There are not many jobs available to apply. The last position I applied was in Toronto and I never heard anything from them since. It was the 29th of Nov. Rather than that I do a little bit of exercise, cooking and cleaning at home and waste the rest! 
I still do have this plan of going to the US for a hike, most likely in one of the first 3 months of the new year but I need to check with Alfa to see whether he can met with me or not. I wonder what the exchange rate will be at that time. Perhaps I should postpone it to early fall, Sep.
(Photo: With Canadian dollar losing all his power, I wonder what those asshole cross border shoppers would do now? You are pretty much fucked up losers!)

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