Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Recent Screening

There are still a few jobs posted here and there and regardless the fact that the unemployment rate has gone up, employers announcer their work-force needs in the related websites. I had a job application back in the last days of Nov. and received a message in that regard stating a screening through phone would be conducted! The company is located here in the city; so it was a little bit of surprise as why I am not being invited to their location. Being only screening by HR, it's no surprise that screening could also be done via telephone. I guess in that way the HR person can easily take down notes and the candidate is saved form a trip. 
I received the called at the exact specified time and the questions were started by the usual Why did you apply for this job?! and went on not very bad but at one point near the end, the person indicated that I would be recommended for a different position rather than the one I had originally applied but in the same field of course. It was a little bit of surprise for me but being out of work for over 2 months now and the condition of the employer, I accepted to consider that, although I was a little hesitant inside without showing it. The recommended position is lower in organization chart than the one I applied but what the hell. I need to get myself out of this hole. The person indicated, and I knew it, that the work would not start until the new year and of course I will have to attend the interview with their technical people and pass it. It doesn't seem to be very hard but doesn't look easy too. I send a message immediately after I received the new position's job description and announced my interest. I have to see when I am called for the interview. 

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